MWO Command Console

Catapult Orthographic Concept

A Windows App companion to MechWarrior Online

Powered by SmurfyLab

7/24/2014 Command Console 0.9.6 is now available in the store!

Read more about latest new features in this thread.

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Don’t get left behind on the battlefield!

Life is tough in the Inner Sphere. Make it easier on yourself with the MWO Command Console - an app that aims to fill in the gaps between the official MWO game features and the information you need to dominate your opponents.

Key Features:

  • Create your company’s TO&E (table of organization & equipment) in the DropDeck
  • Add tag keywords to your design catalog
  • View multiple designs at once, side-by-side
  • See MWO art in its full-sized glory
  • Integrates with SmurfyLab so you don’t have to re-enter any data
  • Browse your full catalog of ‘Mech designs in a meaningful manner with a UI optimized to display only the most relevant data you need to make the tough choices any MechCommander faces on the battlefield

version history:

  • NEW! In the MechBay, tag loads by selecting one or more loads then the Tag option. In the text box, enter one or more words to describe the selected loads
  • Color-coded equipment and upgrade displays in the MechBay make visual identification even easier
  • Updated UI in DropDeck, Hub, and MechBay screens
  • Bug fixes and other miscellaneous improvements

no changes - point release updating manifest

  • Introducing the DropShip Command section of the Command Console!
  • Drag mechs out of your bay to put them into lances.
  • Tap or click the handle in the lower-right corner of a lances’ element to view a loadout summary
  • Click the Pilot tab to add pilots to your squad’s pool. Enter text in the box and hit return or tap the button.
  • Drag pilots onto mechs to assign them to their mounts.
  • Accessible by clicking DropShip Command on the Hub, plot the demise of your enemies against the stunning backdrop of MWO concept artwork.

  • Initial release for Windows Store

App Requirements:

  1. the MWO Command Console app requires an API key from ( to download loadout data.
  2. This key can come from any user, and can be used to “show off” your catalog to friends.
  3. Alternatively, you can choose to have the app save your API key in the Credential Vault for faster start-up and refresh times.
  4. An internet connection is required to refresh data. MWO Command Console stores catalog data for offline viewing between refreshes.


Having a problem with MWO Command Console? Drop me a line at, or tweet @mwocommand. Here’s what’s been going on: